Sister Weekend (minus one)

Hey there!

Horray for my first blog post EVER. I read blog posts daily including my sister Amy’s and have been wanting to make my own for some time now. SO, I decided it was finally time to jump on the bandwagon and start my own blog that follows my life, and specifically how I attempt to stay healthy and fit :). And, what better way to break into the blog world than with a post about my awesome weekend with my sister?


I spent the weekend in Arlington with my oldest sister Katie, and our weekend was filled with all of my favorite things: family, running, chipotle, fro yo, beer and shopping, oh and did i mention chipotle?

The weekend started early for us when I met up with my sister at my Dad’s softball game in Bethesda. Unfortunately, his team lost. I guess me and Katie were bad luck charms? Oops, sorry Dad. But who knew how adorable old men playing softball could be?


After the game my parents headed back home and I went with my sister and her boy friend to Arlington.

thought we were just going to go back to her apartment and have a chill night watching the American Idol finale. But nope, katie had other plans for us and once I heard them I didn’t mind too much :). We decided to meet up with her boyfriend and his friends and go to their favorite little bar in Arlington, obviously I was down.



Katie and her friends come here so much that their names are plaqued on the wall. Embarrassing? Nope, awesome. It ended up being country night and my sister and I had too much fun belting the lyrics to multiple songs. We just couldn’t help it, I mean how can you hear Red Rag Top and not start singing? Oh, and I also discovered a new talent I have. Apparently I rock at Darts, who knew. Me and Katie’s boy friend Eric were the champs of the night. We don’t mess around.


Please note the photo bomber in the back. Well done my friend, well done. We left the bar and headed back to Katie’s apartment to pass out, but not before stuffing our faces with wheat thins and hummus… at least it was kind of healthy right?

Day Two 

We had some shopping plans for the next day, but somehow amazingly enough, we managed to squeeze in a workout before that! Well it was sort of a workout. We woke up a tad bit sluggish I must admit, but powered through and went out the door to attempt to run 2 miles while exploring Arlington.

Well, I don’t know what we were thinking because as soon as we got outside it was pretty clear the two of us were not currently capable of running two miles. Who were we kidding? But, it’s ok because my sister gave me a good tour of Arlington, and we even walked our hungover behinds all the way across the Key bridge into Georgetown 🙂 Walking still counts as a good workout right?



Well, after seeing about a billion runners around the bridge I got jealous and  was feeling the need to sweat sooo, I told Katie we had to run at least one mile. I can be very persuasive. She agreed and we took off up Lee Highway. But, we were not aware that running back into Arlington from Georgetown consisted of a sea of hills. Hills + heat + hungoverness = hate. So, our run turned more into a run/walk, but we finished strong and stopped by my sister’s boyfriends house were we CHUGGED two full glasses of water and were told we looked like tomatoes, rude.

After we went back to her apartment and showered it was time to head out to the mall, but not before a lunch break at my favorite place in the world: Chipotle. Okay, maybe not my favorite place in the world but definitely up there, I am 100% positive I could live off burrito bowls and guac. YUM.

It was my lucky day because my sister had a buy one burrito bowl get one free coupon, and her sweet soul let me have it 🙂 I ate it before snapping a picture because I had been deprived of chipotle for quite some time before that. However, I did manage to take a picture of Arlington’s interesting yarn trees. Almost as good? And, yes I said yarn trees. Sorry I was a little too fascinated with these babies.


After my necessary photo shoot with these creative tree socks, my sister and I headed out to Tyson’s Corner where we spent entirely too much money. Although, Katie spent more 🙂 To her defense she does have a beach trip coming up, and obviously you need pretty much a whole new wardrobe for summer beach trips. Don’t worry, I understand it Katie.

We  came back and had a chill night involving a New Girl marathon and a carb load because we were preparing for the Warrior Dash on the following day. But, I’m about to head out to a body pump class with my friend Emily, so I’ll be back soon with a recap of the second half of my Sister weekend!


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