Warrior Dash

I’m back for the recap of the second half of my Sister fun filled weekend.

If you haven’t guessed from my title the second half of our weekend revolved around the Warrior Dash! But, Let’s back up a little to Friday night first.

Pre- Race Feast

Now, I’m sure that our pre race dinner was not the most healthy carb filled race preparation meal. But, it sure was delicious. We ate italian pasta salad made with tri-colored noodles, and then we each had a Morning Star pizza burger. We split an english muffin and each ate our burgers with one half of the muffin, plus some tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Credit to Kaite for that awesome idea. Just look how delish it looked:


We both went back for second of the pasta salad, it’s just too good. After dinner we met up with Katie’s boy friend Eric and they took me to their favorite fro yo place in Arlington, Fro.ZEN.yo. How clever is that name? Although, it wasn’t my beloved Sweet Frog it was still amazing. I mean it is pretty hard for me to dislike any frozen yogurt.

Our night concluded with a New Girl marathon on Katie’s couch.

Day 3 

We woke up a little bit after 8 am french braided our hair (well Katie did all the braiding since I am incapable), put on our matching neon race shirts (yes we were complete twins), ate a quick breakfast of a peanut butter and banana english muffin, picked up Eric, and hit the road for Mechanicsville. Our car ride was spent jamming out to my running playlist to pump us up, but according to Eric the only pump up song I had on it was Titanium. Psh, He clearly doesn’t get inspired by old school Eminem and the Beibs.

Before the race we met up with Katie’s friend from college and his family. They gave us even cooler neon shirts to wear for the race. Check em out.


How snazzy are those? We certainly didn’t lose sight of each other during the race thats for sure 🙂 We got to the Warrior Dash (which is basically an awesome 3 mile race that is filled with tons of mud and fun obstacles) at around 11:30, checked in, and began our dash at around 12:15.


It’s kind of funny because me and Katie were both a little bit terrified before the race, but for two completely different reasons. I was terrified I was going to not be able to complete some of the obstacles due to me being absolutely terrified of heights, and Katie was worried she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the running parts of the race. Luckily, we were both scared for no reason and finished the race in one piece. Although, there was some scary high up obstacles that had me worried for my life! Here we are after the race all muddy and soaked.


Props to Katie for completing her very first race!! So proud of my little runner 😉

The race was by far the most awesome race I have ever done and really pushed me passed my fears. My adrenaline was pumping and I’m happy to say Katie and I completed every single obstacle!

Surprisingly, the obstacle that caused the most pain was the one that looked the most fun. Tt was called the “Petrifying Plunge” and was basically a ginormous slip and slide. Since Katie and I are so little we absolutely sped down that thing and bounced all over it. I don’t know how to describe it except that I started on my booty and ended face first on my stomach into the pool of water at the bottom and was then forced into an accidental warrior dash flash. Word of advice: if you ever do the warrior dash wear a tight shirt that will help avoid this completely embarrassing situation. Katie assured me that no one saw phewww. I’m pretty sure I have that slide to thank for my ten battle scars, but it was so worth it.

After the race we went back to Katie’s friends house and enjoyed tons of yummy food before heading back to Arlington. Now this time I was sure we were just going to have a chill night at her apartment since we were completely wiped out from the dash. But nope, once again Katie convinced me into going out in Arlington again, she can be very persuasive as well. So, even though we were exhausted we took showers, got all cute and headed out. Excuse the blurriness, but this is our yay we got Molly into a bar with Amy’s id photo:


For my family members that are reading this, the above photo doesn’t exist and we totally just had a chill night at Katie’s apartment after the race 🙂 Buttttt if you aren’t a family member this picture was followed by a celebratory round of shots 😉 Our night ended ordering pizza before passing out. Perfection.

We woke up pretty late the next day, had the best bagels ever at some small place in Arlington, and then Katie drove me back home. I had the best weekend with my sister and can’t wait to visit Arlington again very soon. Love you Katie!


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