Hot and hilly run

This morning I woke up ready to run.

I slept at my friend Paige’s house last night, and when we got up this morning, she got ready for work, and I laced up my running shoes. I ate a little pre-run fuel in the form of an apple, played with her ADORABLE new puppy, and headed out for a three mile run in her neighborhood.


Any morning that starts off playing with puppies is a good one. This is Cooper, and he is an 8 week old Morkie. I think I confused him for a toy about eight times last night, he is SO tiny, and only weighs two pounds.

The Run

SO, after I played with that cutie, I took off in Paige’s neighborhood. I was actually really excited to run in a new place for once. I am so used to running in my neighborhood, and it is getting quite boring. It was nice to run, and not know exactly where I was going.

I covered 3 hilly and hot miles.I thought I was being smart and beating the heat by leaving for my run at 8 am, but apparently I’m going to have to go earlier from now on. I guess it finally changed to Summer here in Maryland.

I was a sweaty mess by the end of this run, and dying for my water bottle.

After you complete a run using the Nike Running App, it lets you select whether you ran on the road, beach, trail, or track, and how you felt about your run using different smiley guys. It’s pretty awesome to be able to look back on all of your runs and see why you might have been going faster or slower than your average pace. The only reason this run got a so-so smiley face is because of the heat, I think on my future summer runs I’m going to have to choose paths with water fountains to keep me hydrated.


I loved running in a Paige’s neighborhood so much, that I decided I am going to make it a goal to run in a whole bunch of new places this Summer :).


After my run I went back home to make myself breakfast. I was feeling eggs, which is odd because lately I have been all about sweet breakfasts like: yogurt bowls, smoothie, or anything involving Peanut Butter. I decided I should take advantage of this odd craving and go with it.

I’m so glad I did because the egg and cheese breakfast sandwich I created was the bomb.


It was just a whole wheat English Muffin, two egg whites, a little bit of onion, one baby bell light cheese, one piece of turkey, and a little bit of avocado. Voila, a yummy and satisfying breakfast sandwich! I was devastated when it was gone… after two minutes. Oh, and those are my Gummy Vites next to the sandwich, I wish you could eat five a day instead of two.

Now I’m off to start putting everything back into my room that my Dad just re-painted for me, I’ll be back to tell you more about that!


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