Spanky gets a bath

Today I was forced into bathing my dog.

Ok, not exactly forced. My Mom was having book club at our house tonight, and I was given the duty of making Spanky smell fresh and clean. The only problem is Spanky hates baths, and I hate giving him them. I always end up soaking wet and smelling my like oatmeal dog shampoo, gross.

There is only one positive aspect of this terrible chore, and that is how absolutely adorable Spanks looks throughout the procces. So, I decided to try to not focus on how I was a bathing a terrible smelling un-cooperative dog, and instead torture him even more by taking multiple photos of him to share with you guys throughout the process. I’m such a good dog sister ;).

Step one: The Bath.

At this point Spanky absolutely despises me and gives me puppy dog eyes hoping I will move so he can jump out and escape this horrible scene. Sorry pup.


Step two: Drying off.

When we get to this step he only hates me a little bit :). Isn’t he cute?

Spanky bathStep three: Blow drying.

Lucky me, because at this point he doesn’t hate me, he hates the super dangerous blow drier that he tries to attack.


In this picture he is just begging me to open door, so he can sprint out and perform his usual post-bath run around the entire house. He’s such a weirdo.

IMG_2916 Clean and suave pooch:


And, lastly here he is, clearly exhausted after his troturous bath, what a trooper:



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