Summer Day

Hey, Friends!

I hope you’re Wednesday went well.

My morning started bright and early with peanut butter banana blueberry wrap. I was inspired by Amy’s peanut butter banana wrap she made last night for her lunch today. Plus, we just got a brand new peanut butter, so obviously I had to break it in ;). I was not a happy camper when I came home to this last night…


Luckily my Mom knows about my dire need for peanut butter in my life every single day, and when she came home last night this was in my sight. Phewww. Thank goodness for Moms.

IMG_3151 Breakfast


All you do is spread on some peanut butter and add 1/2 a sliced banana, then add whatever toppings you want. This morning I added cinnamon and blueberries. After all my toppings were added I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds because melty peanut butter = yum.



I ate my wrap, digested a little bit, did some blog stuff, and eventually went to the gym. My legs were still super sore from my run yesterday and my circuit training on Monday, so this was all I could manage:

  • 10 minutes on the elliptical (just to warm up my legs)
  • A thirty minute Pure Stretch class
  • Abs
  • 1 arm machine

I originially wanted to do a Yoga class this morning but my gym wasn’t offering one. When I saw Pure Stretch on the schedule I was game. However, when I got to the class I was the youngest one in there by at least 30 years. Hey stretching is stretching!


After the gym I came home and made another one of my Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies.

Pb smoothie

It was amazing as always.

After downing my smoothie in .2 seconds I went to my friend Kristin’s pool and laid out with my friends all day long while reading the Help, oh how I love Summer.


When I came home from the pool I devoured some watermelon.


For dinner my parents brought home Athens Grill which is my absolute favorite type of food… Greek!

It was delicious, but I ate one too many pitas drenched in Tzatziki sauce and my belly was beyond full. I convinced Amy to go on a long walk with me to make my stomach feel better. We walked a little over two miles and brought Spanky along, of course.


Amy and I even saw our first fireflies of the Summer tonight!! We also mapped out our morning runs for tomorrow. The only downside? We are most definitely going to wake up with about a hundred bug bites. We were stupid and forgot to put on bug spray :(.

Five minutes after we got home my brother Keith noticed a tick on Spanky’s face from the walk.

Bye Tick

Bye Tick

Spanky was pooped after our walk, he is getting too old for this business.

He started energetic as ever:


Then refused to get up off our lawn once we got home:


And finished at his water bowl where he downed his whole bowl:


Today was the definition of a Summer day, I hope yours was great too!


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