I’m Back

I have been a very bad blogger… I haven’t posted in what, like a week? 

Ahh I’m sorry I had a super busy week. But don’t worry I’m back, and I have tons of posts coming your way! 

I had no time to post this past week because last weekend revolved around Amy’s graduation festivities, and then I went to the beach for 5 days.

Phewww I am happy to be home, and excited to get back to blogging with you fine people ;). 

Ok- quick recap of my time at the beach- I went to Ocean City, which is only 3 hours from my house. My Grandma owns a condo there and I have been spending time there every Summer for my whole life. I seriously am in love with the place. I spent the week sun bathing, reading (finally finished The Help), eating an insane amount of cookies (um peanut butter Oreos), indulging in Thrashers French Fries, and eating as many scoops of peanut butter as I pleased.

My time at the beach honestly only included running, eating too much yummy food, and hanging out with my family. SO, instead of boring you all to death with all the details I’ll just show you a collection of pictures that explains my trip perfectly.

Oh, and being at your Grandma’s condo = discovering fantastic throwback photos such as this gem with my sisters and brother:

I hope you forgive my terrible blogging week, have a good day!


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