Tuesday Tell All

I didn’t get a post in yesterday so here’s a quick recap of my Tuesday. Yesterday my day started with a dentist appointment bright and early in the morning.

Strange fact- I actually kind of like going to the dentist, weird? Probably. Anyway, I wore my workout clothes and went straight to the gym after my appointment where I just did a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical and some abs before calling it quits, because I was still super sore  from body pump last night.


For lunch I had an egg sandwich on bread thins made with: one egg, some avocado, and a wedge of laughing cow swiss cheese. Plus, a vanilla Oikos greek yogurt with some blueberries and oats mixed in. Perfect lunch.

I also went to Sports Authority where this pair of super comfy/cute/perfect shoes that were on sale called to me. I obviously replied.


For Dinner Amy and I made a chicken dish with mushrooms, onions, and peppers, plus broccoli on the side. And, we decided to make use of our left over tiki plates from her grad party.

Dessert was a repeat of the previous night… Skinny Cow strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich, and I have a feeling I will be having lots more of these babies.

After dessert I painted my nails blue in the spirt of Fourth of July 🙂 The color? Essie Mesmerized. I know Essie is expensive, but I can’t help it I’m hooked!

I’ll be back later on today with a smoothie post, see ya soon!


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