Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth of July!

My Fourth of July started with a 5k, the perfect way to start any holiday is with a race, in my opinion.

I almost didn’t start my morning with a race, because I woke up an hour late. Talk about rushed, all I had time to do was brush my teeth and make my peanut butter banana english muffin before I had to sprint out the door to get to the site on time to register. I also had time to take a picture, for you guys :).

Luckily, the race was right by my house so I made it just in the knick of time. But, we were 3 minutes past the registration time and had to smile a little bit to convince the man to let us run ;).

I recruited my friend Kristin for her first ever race. We went to the dollar store last night to get some fancy shmancy festive Fourth of July items to wear. Since I was so rushed this morning I didn’t get to put the fun little red white and blue garland (front the above picture with my bib on) in my hair like I planned to, so I just put the fun spiral red ribbon in my hair, but it didn’t last very long before it fell out :(. Kristin wore a flag on her back the entire race, she def wins most patriotic.

I commend her for keeping that flag on for the entire race. We were sort of disappointed in the lack of red white and blue at this race, I mean come on it is the Fourth of July, people! We counted 3 other festive people besides ourselves, lame. At least her and I represented for the whole group.

I’m not sure what my time was because I wasn’t really paying attention and completely forgot to look at the clock when I crossed. I had my Nike app on but I forgot to shut it off when I finished so it’s not accurate. I’ll let you know my official time when they go up! Though, for some reason this race was difficult for me, I don’t know if it was because I wore my body out with spin class and body pump this week or because I didn’t go to bed early enough last night, who knows. But, I had fun and it was beyond awesome to drag Kristin to her first ever race! So proud of my bestie.

She said she loved it and wants to run more, success!

I’m off to the pool for the day, before I get into some Fourth of July shenanigans tonight ;). Have a great holiday, friends!


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