Divergent Book Review

Good Morning, friends.

I hope your Monday is off to a great start. In case you need something to make you smile heres a picture of an adorable raccoon ;).


See raccoons can be cute. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ve probably read my About Me page and know that I’m a weirdo and raccoons are my favorite animal.

Anyway. Now that I have successfully made your Monday better…

Workout + Breakfast

I ran 3 miles this morning followed by some stretching, because my legs needed to be stretched in a bad way. And, then I did some ab work.

It was a pretty slow pace, but for some reason my legs have felt so heavy on all my runs lately and I don’t know why. I need to find a solution to this problem ASAP, any advice?

When I got back from my run I ate a very un-pretty lopsided breakfast cookie (I added too much milk, and it slid off to one side in the fridge, oops) that went un pictured. I think if you would have judged me if you saw what it looked like.

Divergent Book Review

This past weekend I finished another book: Divergent. And I loved it. A few people told me that since I loved the Hunger Games I simply had to read Divergent. And, now I am going to offer the same advice to you guys; if you loved The Hunger Games read this series!

Divergent falls into the Dystopian novel theme. It is set in futuristic Chicago (which isn’t Chicago anymore). The book focuses around the life of a 16 year old girl named Beatrice.

The area is divided into 5 separate factions that are based on your strongest personality traits. The five different factions center around: Bravery, honesty, knowledge, peace, and selflessness. All the children are born into whatever faction their family is in, but when they turn 16 they are required to take an aptitude test that lets them know which faction they personally best match up with, they then have the option to stay where they are and where they have been their wholes lives, or leave their families behind for a faction they feel fits them better.

Beatrice takes her aptitude test and finds out she is not like most people, and she doesn’t fit in with just one particular faction; instead, she is divergent. She spends the whole book trying to figure out where she belongs and attempting to understand what is so dangerous about being divergent, all while the society around her is secretly beginning to fall to pieces.

The book has a perfect mix of action, suspense, and romance (my favorite). I would definitely recommend it. I already bought the second book in the series (Insurgent), and can’t wait to crack it open on the plane to Israel next week.

In other news: in case you didn’t know I’m a life saver. This is the third turtles I have saved from the middle of the road this Summer. Oh, and I named him Tobias after my favorite character in Divergent ;).

Good night blog friends! See ya tomorrow.



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