Amy’s Weekend

Here is a very late recap of my sister Amy’s graduation weekend, which was last weekend!

Amy graduated from University of Maryland last Spring, but wasn’t completely finished because she had to complete a 10 month dietetic internship first. This was her graduation from her internship, and now all she has to do is take her exam to officially become a registered dietician and she will be done :).

I am so proud of all she has done and it is so awesome to see her accomplishing her goals, plus it’s awesome to have my own personal nutritionist available to me all the time, hehe.

Amy’s internship was through the University of Maryland so that is where the graduation was held. It was held in the Agricultural library… not quite sure how that location was selected.

Amy’s class included 10 interns in total and apparently lots of them have blogs too :).

The graduation was short and sweet and obviously we took photo shoots before and after the ceremony.

After her graduation we had reservations for a restaurant in Siver Spring called Mrs. K’s Tollhouse. None of us had been there before so we were all anxious to try it. Amy is famous for going on line and selecting random restaurants that none of us have ever heard of to try. We all make fun of her for it, but they alway end up being surprisingly good.

Mrs. K’s Tollhouse was absolutely adorable, I kept saying it reminded me of Snow White’s cottage. It was a little building that was surrounded by beautiful flowers and cute benches.

We ate inside, but I think it would be awesome to eat on their outdoor patio. It was absolutely adorable!

When we arrived we were led downstairs and had a whole room to ourselves, the room was in a wine cellar!

As soon as I saw Cream of Crab soup on the menu I knew I would not be able to resist. It is one of my favorite foods ever and it is just too good to pass up. I ordered that and a seafood pasta dish that was SO good.

Both of my sisters kept stealing my pasta, I seriously had to fight them off (I don’t mess around when it comes to shrimp). I could only eat half of the pasta because I was stuffed from the soup, so I took the rest home for dinner.

After we ate Amy opened her gifts from Katie and I. Katie got her the best present ever- a ticket to Busch Gardens! Ahhh that means I can cross another thing off of my Summer To-Do list. We are going in August and Amy was SO excited.

After lunch we headed home and began cheffing for her grad party which was the following day.

The Graduation Party

Amy has known since last year that she wanted a Luau themed graduation party, so that is what she got. We bought a boatload of pineapples and lays and prepared. This is what the menu looked like:

  • Pineapple teriyaki meatballs
  • Pineapple and ham flat breads (I was in charge of these)
  • Crab flat breads
  • Pineapple sundae cupcakes (Amy is a cupcake making master)
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Meat Kabobs
  • White chocolate Tort
  • Mojitos
  • Grown up peach pineapple punch
  • And Tropical Breeze capri suns for the young ones

Besides all of the food we also had hula hoops and bubbles outside, we were basically in Hawaii ;).

Everyone wore Lays, even Spanky…

Happy Graduation Amy, I love you so much!


I’m Back

I have been a very bad blogger… I haven’t posted in what, like a week? 

Ahh I’m sorry I had a super busy week. But don’t worry I’m back, and I have tons of posts coming your way! 

I had no time to post this past week because last weekend revolved around Amy’s graduation festivities, and then I went to the beach for 5 days.

Phewww I am happy to be home, and excited to get back to blogging with you fine people ;). 

Ok- quick recap of my time at the beach- I went to Ocean City, which is only 3 hours from my house. My Grandma owns a condo there and I have been spending time there every Summer for my whole life. I seriously am in love with the place. I spent the week sun bathing, reading (finally finished The Help), eating an insane amount of cookies (um peanut butter Oreos), indulging in Thrashers French Fries, and eating as many scoops of peanut butter as I pleased.

My time at the beach honestly only included running, eating too much yummy food, and hanging out with my family. SO, instead of boring you all to death with all the details I’ll just show you a collection of pictures that explains my trip perfectly.

Oh, and being at your Grandma’s condo = discovering fantastic throwback photos such as this gem with my sisters and brother:

I hope you forgive my terrible blogging week, have a good day!

Happy Summer!!

Happy first day of Summer, friends!

Even though I’ve been on Summer break for more than a month, you better believe I still celebrated this wonderful occasion :). And, it made it just that much better that the first day of Summer included absolutely perfect weather all day long.

I celebrated the first day of Summer with 2 outdoor runs, one in the morning and one just now; this evening! I ran 3 miles both times for a total of 6 miles today… a new record!

The first picture is from my most recent run and the second one is from this morning. Today was Amy’s graduation (Yay Amy!!), so I had to wake up extra early to sneak a run this morning… hence the terrible looking little smiley guy in the above picture, it reads “felt tired”. Well duh I was tired, I woke up at 6 in the morning…. it was terrible. But, as always I was happy I did it after I completed my run.

When I got back from my run I ate a quick peanut butter banana smoothie (shocker), showered, straightened my hair and left for Amy’s graduation. I’ll tell you all about that later this weekend ;).

I also spent my day yesterday doing something fun and Summery, and it resulted in me crossing another thing off of my Summer to-do list, 2 in one week I’m on a roll! I have officially accomplished hiking and picking fresh fruit.

I spent the entire day shopping with my Grandma who just got into town, and then we met my cousin Tammy and her adorable son Joshua (who you guys met on the blog yesterday) at Butler’s Orchard to pick strawberries.

We went right at the end of strawberry season, so the fields were pretty picked over and the majority of the berries that were left were either rotten or bug infested. It was an adventure to find enough strawberries to fill up our box. But, we were on a mission since we were planning on using some berries to bake something for Amy’s party on Saturday.

Joshua was my designated berry picker ;).

He was too cute, he loved picking the strawberries and eating them. Every time we turned around he had another one in his mouth. It’s safe to say his skin was stained red at the end of the day.

When we were done picking we went into the store to pay for our berries and to get some slushies, because they make the best fresh fruit slushies. No lie. I look forward to them all year. The one they had yesterday was apple strawberry. I got mine and Joshua decided he wanted one too, he got so excited when Tammy said he could have one, he even started clapping lol. I let him model it for me ;).

I had a great day with my cousins, and really want to go back to Butlers this Summer for some blueberry picking (my fave). I’ll be back soon with a recap of Amy’s graduation festivities :). Have a great weekend.

Crab Feast on Fathers Day

I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day!

I worked Friday night, all day Saturday, and all day yesterday, so the only exciting thing I have to catch you guys up on was my Father’s Day!

I got off just in time for a crab feast with my family (crab feasts are in my top 5 favorite things in the world, I do live in Maryland after all).

Originally I was upset I was scheduled to work all day on Fathers Day, but my parents actually went to the beach and didn’t get home until yesterday afternoon anyway, so it worked out.

Our meal started with fruit salad.

Then the crabs, first of the season! SO GOOD.

And for dessert, home made macadamia nut cookies, my Dad’s favorite. I may or may not have eaten like 5.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy, I love you!!!

Double party

I promised you a recap of the second half of me weekend, so here it is.

After I got off work (I work at a golf course for the Summer by the way), I immediately got dressed and ready to go to my cousin’s engagement party.


My cousin Rafi is from Alaska but came over to the East Coast to go to school at American University. He met his Fiancé Amy at American, and it’s funny because she randomly lived 10 minutes away from my family’s house! We absolutely love her and their relationship, and could not be more excited for them. Rafi is Vegan and Amy is vegetarian, and their wedding is going to be completely Vegan.

The Happy Couple

They had such good Vegan food and it was the perfect night for an engagement party. Amy’s Dad gave an adorable speech that talked about how they have both changed each other for the better, it was so sweet. Rafi’s Fiancé Amy and my sister Amy are soon going to have the exact same name, so they needed an Amy squared photo.


Their party was so much fun, and I loved catching up with all of my other cousins that were there.


Congrats you two, I can’t wait for June 1st, 2014!

We left around 9:15. I raced home, got changed again into different clothes, collected Nick’s surprise baseball cupcakes and left for the 21st Birthday Party. It was so awesome seeing a ton of people I hadn’t seen in ages. I saw one of my friends Leslie who actually just went on the trip to Israel I will be going on in about a month. She said she loved it, and I can’t wait to bombard with her a million and one questions.

It was not only Nick’s birthday, but my best friend Mackenna’s birthday too! At midnight they both attempted  to pop Champagne bottles and then all of us went upstairs to sing to them and eat the baseball cupcakes plus ice cream cake. It made a house full of slightly drunk young adults prettttty happy. Nick clearly loved my cupcakes ;).


The rest of the night was a fun blur, and I wish I had more pictures to document it!


IMG_3046 IMG_3086 IMG_3082

I got no sleep and had to wake up to do the beer cart at the golf course this morning. Let’s just say I was definitely on the struggle bus. Thank goodness it was my rest day. It was obviously not a smart decision to go out the night before waking up early and working all day, but it was so worth it! I mean I was clearly not going to miss two of my best friends’ birthday celebration!

But, I did manage to fun at work because I was working with my friend Angel and there was baby ducks :).



I had an awesome, busy weekend!

Question for ya:

What was the best part of your weekend?!

Baseball cupcakes and Thai food

I’ve got Part One of a long weekend recap coming to ya!

My weekend was awesome and very eventful. I had a Thai dinner date with my Dad/sisters, made baseball cupcakes, had a sister spin date, went to my cousin’s Engagement party, my friends 21st birthday party, annnnd somehow had time to work Saturday and today! Sorry if this post gets a little bit lengthy due to all my recaps :).


My Friday started with an early morning gym session before going to the mall with my sister Amy to help her pick out a graduation dress. She graduates from her Dietetic Internship in one week, and officially becomes a Dietician. Yay Amy! She picked out a super cute black lace dress from Urban Outfitters to wear, and as her fashion assistant I approved ;). I’m sure you’ll see the dress on the blog after her graduation!

By the time we got home my other sister Katie was home from Arlington to hang out with us for the night. But, the real reason she came home was to steal a dress from me. Sisters… Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

We were both in the baking mood, and since my friend Nick’s 21st Birthday was the following day, I decided we had the perfect excuse to make cupcakes. Except we didn’t want to make just regular old cupcakes, so we brainstormed. Nick plays baseball in college, so baseball themed cupcakes it was. We weren’t sure what kind to make, and finally decided to go with funfetti, because no one dislikes funfetti, unless they’re an alien.

The goods.

The goods.

Yes, we bought Birthday Cake Oreos. Originally we were going to incorporate them into the cupcakes, but our baseballs looked better without them. So, now we have a whole full thing of Birthday Cake oreos left. Hmm, what to do, what to do ;). By the way, today I accidentally left the bag of oreos in my car and when I took them out they were a little melted because of the heat, let me just tell you that melted birthday cake oreos = perfection.

Anways, now that I have made you all want to buy Birthday Cake Oreos…. Here is Katie being the designated baseball decorator:

IMG_3002They went from this…

IMG_3072 To this (plus Spanky photo-bombing)…

IMG_3073 And finally to this:


I then had to package them up and put them in the fridge since I wasn’t giving them to him until Saturday. It was verrrrrry hard to not break into these bad boys. Will power at it’s finest. Although, Katie and I did lick the remaining cupcake batter clean.

After our cupcakes were done my Mom’s friends started arriving at our house for their weekly ‘ladies’ night, which meant that me, my sisters, and my Dad needed to escape. We decided to go out to dinner, and Thai food sounded like the best option. Katie and I shared Drunken Noodles and Pad Thai.


It was delicious and finished completely. After our Dad/daughter dinner date we went home and my Mom’s friends were still there, so we resorted to a red box movie in my parent’s bedroom with the addition of my Brother. He got home late from work and was left behind to fend for himself with my Mom and the neighborhood ladies while we were at dinner… poor keith.

My Dad picked out Looper and it was by far one of, if not the weirdest movie I have ever seen. Amy loved it, my brother and Dad thought it was cool, and Katie and I were terrified/confused/creeped out. At least we got the pleasure of seeing Joseph Gordon Levitt’s face for two hours straight. Katie slept in my room for the night and I could have killed her when she woke me up after I had already fallen asleep just to tell me how she couldn’t sleep because of the creepy little boy from the movie. This of course made me not be able to fall asleep!

Eventually I did fall asleep and then woke up very shortly after because Katie, Amy, and I woke up at 7 a.m the next morning to hit an 8 am spin class at our gym. Here is our awk 8 am makeup less spin picture:


I have a love/hate relationship with Spin class. I hadn’t done it in over a year and was excited to see our gym got new bikes that tell you your speed, RPM, and the time while your spinning! I especially liked the time feature because I knew exactly how much longer I had to be tortured spinning. I mentally tell myself at least ten times during a class that I will never do spin again, but then always end up loving it the second it’s over. It is impossible for me to leave spin without a sweat drenched shirt, sore booty, and tight legs. And it hurts so good. I’m going to try to attend a lot more Spin classes while I’m home for the Summer since my gym at school doesn’t have it.

After the class Amy and I drove back home and Katie drove back to Arlington. I got home ate some overnight oats and headed off to work until 5 before my eventful night.


I’ll be back in a bit to fill you in on my Saturday night/ Sunday.