The Help and Ten Things

Hello, friends!

Since I still have a lot of blogging to catch up to, this post is going to be a double post, with a book review and a verrrry late Ten Things Thursday Tuesday.

Past Ten Things Thursdays include:

After about a month of on and off reading I finally finished The Help at the beach this past week.

Even though it took me so long to read it, that was no indication of how much I enjoyed the book, because I loved it! I have an odd obsession that forces me to having an unstoppable urge to read all books as soon as I find out they are going to be turned into movies, please tell me others share this same obsession? Anyway- The Help is the first book that I have ever read after already seeing the movie (which I loved). I was skeptical at first and was afraid that I would get bored since I already knew what the outcome was going to be, but it had been long enough since I’d seen the movie, and the book was different enough that I remained interested the entire time.

So, here goes my first ever book review!

The Help

The Help is a fiction novel written by Kathryn Stockett that focuses on the racial boundaries between Black maids and the White women they worked for. The book is set in Jackon, Mississippi in 1962. It is written focused around 3 main characters: Skeeter, Minny, and Abileen. 

Skeeter is a white women who grew up being raised by a loving caretaker and went on to college to become a writer, when she comes back from school she realizes that she doesn’t fit in with her old circle of snooty racist friends and decides to pursue her career as a writer. After speaking with an editor in New York she gets the idea to go where no writer has gone before and begin a tell-all book that reveals how “the help” actually feel about working for the specific white women that they do.

 Aibileen is a black maid that has had enough of being treated the way that she has during her many years of serving as a caretaker for white children, she’s tired of raising white children and seeing them ultimately turn out exactly like their Mothers, she decides to take a stand by sharing her stories with Skeeter. 

Minny is the spunky friend of Aibileen that always seems to get into trouble with her mouth. She also shares her stories with Skeeter in hopes for a better life for her children. I love how Kathryn Stockett narrated the book through all three of the characters instead of just one. That way, you got the point of views of all them throughout the whole book. 

Together the three of them with the help of a handful of other maids come up with a revealing collection of stories that give up everyone in the town of Jackson, Mississippi’s secrets.

The book was so incredibly inspirational and fun to read, it was filled with: humor, passion, and the overcoming of adversity. I loved it.

Ten Places I want to visit

I’m pretty sure I have missed the past two Ten Things Thursdays so here is belated one, better late than never right ;). My upcoming trip to Israel has got me thinking about traveling and all the places I want to visit in the world, so without further ado,  in no particular order (because they are all equally awesome in my book) here is my current top ten list of places I most want to visit:

1) Cinque Terre, Italy.

2) Santorini, Greece.

3) New Orleans, Louisiana 

4) Australia 

5) San Francisco, California

6) Hawaii

7) London, England 

8) Grand Canyon, Arizona

9) Barcelone, Spain

10) Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil

Your Turn: Where do you most want to visit?!


Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week

I forgot to write up my Ten Things Thursday Post last night, so better late than never!

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week

  1. I finally ran outside of my neighborhood (my neighborhood is pretty long, and I have always felt to intimidated to run outside of it).
  2. This nice letter I got in the mail that informed me I placed fourth in my age group at The Alexandria 5k I ran a few weeks ago, it even came with a prize of a 10$ gift card to Potomac Running. Awesome.

3. I am going to be here in about one week.

4. I kind of sort accomplished my goal of running 5 miles. It was broken up in to two miles and then 3 more.

5. I went shopping this week and got two verrrry cute new summer outfits, you’ll see them soon :).

6. This old man.

7. It took me a while to get into it, but the Help is finally getting good.

8. Catching up with my Grandma on the phone, I can’t wait to see her in less than a week!

9. This very very strange face juggler photo my sister sent me. Whose Who ;)? Kind of freaked me out more than smile actually.

10. And, lastly being able to spend Monday- Thursday off from my job!

Question for ya: What was one thing that made you smile this week?!

Ten Things Thursday

Good Morning, Happy Thursday!

As you probably know, I just started this blog of mine! And, since this blog is my brand new baby, I want to incorporate all of the things I love about the other blogs I read daily into mine. With a Miles of Molly twist of course.

One of those fun things I am referring to is the weekly themed posts that Bloggers create. Such as: Carrots n’ Cake’s Snapshot Fridays, or Peanut Butter Fingers’ Blog Talk Tuesdays. Well, what I am going to do is Ten Things Thursday! Every Thursday I am going to try highlight a list of ten things such as: what I’m loving at the time, my top ten favorite books, ten things in my makeup bag, etc, etc. This super wonderful idea most likely already exists, but if it does don’t burst my bubble. Just let me pretend I am super creative ;).


Before I get into all the fun stuff, let’s go over my breakfast this morning; A Strawberry Banana Smoothie. So,so, good.

strawberry banana smoothie

Smoothies are delicious, fast, satisfying, and super easy to make, what more could you want in a breakfast?

To make this masterpiece, I put all of this in the blender:

  • 1 cup of Almond milk
  • 1 scoop of Vanilla protein powder
  • 1 whole banana
  • A handful and a half of strawberries
  • A handful of ice (un-pictured)


It didn’t look very appetizing, but at least it was all pretty and pink. There was too much to fit in a cup, so I had to improvise and put it all in a giant bowl.


Smoothie bowl!

smoothies are definitely the perfect Summer breakfast, I have a feeling I will be consuming about a million more of them throughout the season.

Ten Things

Now for my Ten Things List! Today it’s just going to be a bit of a random assortment of ten things I love at the moment.

1. I am absolutely obsessed with my new Target layered tank top. It is the perfect summer workout outfit, I wore it to the gym yesterday and didn’t want to take it off because it was so cute, especially the back :). I know it’s all in my mind but cute workout gear is totally motivation.


2. Summer fruit is in season, which means tons of fresh fruit in my house.


3. Smoothies, such as the one I had for breakfast.

4. My new running shoes, they make me smile :).


5. Spanky, he makes the list by default.


6. The Summer weather that allows me to lay out by the pool all day when I’m off work.


7. My new-ish dress. I guess it’s not really new because I got it more than a month ago, but I haven’t worn it yet. I am planning on wearing it for Amy’s graduation party in a few weeks.


8. The internet, because it allowed me to catch up with my best friend Mallory. She’s studying abroad in London right now, and I miss her! I hope you’re meeting tons of cute with English boys with adorable accents Mall ;).


9. The fact that my nails currently match my Britta water bottle perfectly.

IMG_2959 10. And, lastly, my new blog. Duh!

Question for ya: What is your favorite kind of smoothie?

Mine is definitely a peanut butter, chocolate, banana smoothie. Did I mention I have a slight obsession with peanut butter?

Currently Survey

Good Morning!

I am still very new to the Blog World (first week!), and one of the aspects of Blogging that attracted me to read new posts were the occasional fun surveys that went viral! It’s so fun when you see a group of your favorite Bloggers all doing the same one. So, now that I have my very own Blog I am so excited to be able to participate as well :).

I saw the “Currently Survey” first on Peanut Butter Fingers and then a few days later on Carrots n’ Cake. Btw- these are my two absolute favorite blogs, I read them daily! But, lets get to it:

Current Book:

Right now I am in the process of reading the Help. I have this weird addiction to reading books once I find out there going to become movies, it’s like a race to finish it before the movie comes out or something? It’s a thrill for me. I’ve done it with all the Twilights, The Hunger Games, The Great Gatsby, Safe Haven, The Lucky One, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The list goes on and on. However, this is the first book I am attempting to read after already seeing the movie. My sister Amy read it, and said I had to read it even though I’d already seen the movie. So, I’ll keep ya posted on whether I like it or not.

IMG_2832 Current Music:

I am currently obsessed with two different songs; It’s Time by Imagine Dragons, and Beneath your Beautiful by Labrinth Featuring Emeli Sande. They are two very different songs, but both so good! I may or may not have listened to Beneath your Beautiful three times in a row this morning…

Labrinth Current Guilty Pleasure:

Lately I have not been able to get enough of ice cream/fro yo/ smoothies, anything cold creamy and delicious! Must be the summer heat :).

Current Nail Color:

Essie Fiji and Essie Set in Stones.(ignore my stubby fingers)


Current Drink:

Water on water on water!

Current Food:

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies, YUM!

Current Favorite Show:

So you Think you Can Dance. So, so good. Check out this guy Fiction, craziness. I swear he is a robot and not human.

Current Wish List:

I am in desperate need of a new makeup bag for my Bare Minerals.

Current Obsession:

Head bands. I just bought my first Sweaty Bands head band, and I am already planning the million BIC bands I am going to purchase.

Current Indulgence:

I’m about to purchase a Groupon for a pedicure ;).

Current Blessing:

My family.


Yes my Dad is double fisting in that photo.

Current Outfit:

Right now I am wearing a Victorias Secret bathing suit, because it is 90 degrees outside and I am getting my tan on. I’m actually taking turns tanning outside while reading The Help, and writing this blog post :). Spanky’s tanning too.


Current Excitement: 

My upcoming trip to Israel!!

And there you have it, my list of what I love currently. First Blog survey: Check!