I have a serious love/hate relationship with Running… But more often than not, it’s all Love. 🙂

I played Soccer from Elementary School through High school and then also played Lacrosse in High School, so I’ve always been a ‘runner’. But, it wasn’t until recently that I fell in love with just running.

There’s just something about that feeling you get when you set a new distance record, when you cross the finish line at a race, or even just the relief of running off certain stresses you may be going through. Runner’s high is real, let me tell ya! Basically running is awesome, and I am falling hard for it. Here are the links to all of the recaps for the races I’ve run so far, and if the race is pre-blog there is a link to the race’s website:

Alexandria Running Festival 5K – May 2013 (Alexandria, VA)



Warrior Dash 5K – May 2013 (Mechanicsville, MD)

Not a timed race


Turkey Chase 10K – November 2012 (Bethesda, MD)



Alexandria Running Festival 5K – May 2012 (Alexandria, VA)



Turkey Chase 10k – November 2011 (Bethesda, MD)


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure – May 2009 (Washington, DC)



I know there is only a handful of them to this day, but have no fear, my list will grow shortly!

Want some running motivation? Check out my favorite Running Playlist.


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