Double party

I promised you a recap of the second half of me weekend, so here it is.

After I got off work (I work at a golf course for the Summer by the way), I immediately got dressed and ready to go to my cousin’s engagement party.


My cousin Rafi is from Alaska but came over to the East Coast to go to school at American University. He met his Fiancé Amy at American, and it’s funny because she randomly lived 10 minutes away from my family’s house! We absolutely love her and their relationship, and could not be more excited for them. Rafi is Vegan and Amy is vegetarian, and their wedding is going to be completely Vegan.

The Happy Couple

They had such good Vegan food and it was the perfect night for an engagement party. Amy’s Dad gave an adorable speech that talked about how they have both changed each other for the better, it was so sweet. Rafi’s Fiancé Amy and my sister Amy are soon going to have the exact same name, so they needed an Amy squared photo.


Their party was so much fun, and I loved catching up with all of my other cousins that were there.


Congrats you two, I can’t wait for June 1st, 2014!

We left around 9:15. I raced home, got changed again into different clothes, collected Nick’s surprise baseball cupcakes and left for the 21st Birthday Party. It was so awesome seeing a ton of people I hadn’t seen in ages. I saw one of my friends Leslie who actually just went on the trip to Israel I will be going on in about a month. She said she loved it, and I can’t wait to bombard with her a million and one questions.

It was not only Nick’s birthday, but my best friend Mackenna’s birthday too! At midnight they both attempted  to pop Champagne bottles and then all of us went upstairs to sing to them and eat the baseball cupcakes plus ice cream cake. It made a house full of slightly drunk young adults prettttty happy. Nick clearly loved my cupcakes ;).


The rest of the night was a fun blur, and I wish I had more pictures to document it!


IMG_3046 IMG_3086 IMG_3082

I got no sleep and had to wake up to do the beer cart at the golf course this morning. Let’s just say I was definitely on the struggle bus. Thank goodness it was my rest day. It was obviously not a smart decision to go out the night before waking up early and working all day, but it was so worth it! I mean I was clearly not going to miss two of my best friends’ birthday celebration!

But, I did manage to fun at work because I was working with my friend Angel and there was baby ducks :).



I had an awesome, busy weekend!

Question for ya:

What was the best part of your weekend?!