Amy’s Weekend

Here is a very late recap of my sister Amy’s graduation weekend, which was last weekend!

Amy graduated from University of Maryland last Spring, but wasn’t completely finished because she had to complete a 10 month dietetic internship first. This was her graduation from her internship, and now all she has to do is take her exam to officially become a registered dietician and she will be done :).

I am so proud of all she has done and it is so awesome to see her accomplishing her goals, plus it’s awesome to have my own personal nutritionist available to me all the time, hehe.

Amy’s internship was through the University of Maryland so that is where the graduation was held. It was held in the Agricultural library‚Ķ not quite sure how that location was selected.

Amy’s class included 10 interns in total and apparently lots of them have blogs too :).

The graduation was short and sweet and obviously we took photo shoots before and after the ceremony.

After her graduation we had reservations for a restaurant in Siver Spring called Mrs. K’s Tollhouse. None of us had been there before so we were all anxious to try it. Amy is famous for going on line and selecting random restaurants that none of us have ever heard of to try. We all make fun of her for it, but they alway end up being surprisingly good.

Mrs. K’s Tollhouse was absolutely adorable, I kept saying it reminded me of Snow White’s cottage. It was a little building that was surrounded by beautiful flowers and cute benches.

We ate inside, but I think it would be awesome to eat on their outdoor patio. It was absolutely adorable!

When we arrived we were led downstairs and had a whole room to ourselves, the room was in a wine cellar!

As soon as I saw Cream of Crab soup on the menu I knew I would not be able to resist. It is one of my favorite foods ever and it is just too good to pass up. I ordered that and a seafood pasta dish that was SO good.

Both of my sisters kept stealing my pasta, I seriously had to fight them off (I don’t mess around when it comes to shrimp). I could only eat half of the pasta because I was stuffed from the soup, so I took the rest home for dinner.

After we ate Amy opened her gifts from Katie and I. Katie got her the best present ever- a ticket to Busch Gardens! Ahhh that means I can cross another thing off of my Summer To-Do list. We are going in August and Amy was SO excited.

After lunch we headed home and began cheffing for her grad party which was the following day.

The Graduation Party

Amy has known since last year that she wanted a Luau themed graduation party, so that is what she got. We bought a boatload of pineapples and lays and prepared. This is what the menu looked like:

  • Pineapple teriyaki meatballs
  • Pineapple and ham flat breads (I was in charge of these)
  • Crab flat breads
  • Pineapple sundae cupcakes (Amy is a cupcake making master)
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Meat Kabobs
  • White chocolate Tort
  • Mojitos
  • Grown up peach pineapple punch
  • And Tropical Breeze capri suns for the young ones

Besides all of the food we also had hula hoops and bubbles outside, we were basically in Hawaii ;).

Everyone wore Lays, even Spanky…

Happy Graduation Amy, I love you so much!