Sugarloaf Adventure

I feel like my blogging during the weekends gets very slim. Oops. Here’s a recap of my hiking/ fresh fruit picking Saturday:

I woke up with plans to run 3 miles before meeting my friends for our hike, but apparently waking up to beat the heat at 8 am is not sufficient enough in July! So, instead I just walked my dog (slacking, I know).


For breakfast I tried yet another new Clif bar flavor, I’m obsessed I’m telling ya. I have now tried nearly every flavor, I bet. Todays choice? Coconut chocolate chip.

It was delish, but white macadamia nut still reins supreme. Does anyone else share a deep love for these heavenly bars?

The Hike

After I scarfed down my bar, I met up with my friends Emily and Kelly, and we headed to Sugarloaf Mountain. It would probably be considered more of a hill to all of you mid westers/ west coasters, but it’s the best we got around here! Plus, it’s still pretty darn beautiful from the top.

It only took us around 15 minutes to climb to the top, but don’t be fooled we were still soaked with sweat and out of breath. This picture made me laugh for a good couple of minutes when I saw it. While my friend Emily just awkwardly looks like the leaning tower of Pisa, she was only in that position because she had her dog with her, lol. Poor Duncan wasn’t pictured.

Here he is :). Can you believe he is just a puppy?!

We hung out at the top for a little bit before heading back down since Emily had to be home by Noon. On our walk down somehow the topic of Butlers Orchard came up (the place I went strawberry picking), and we all decided we wanted our outdoorsy day to continue with a trip there to pick blueberries.

Emily had something else to do for a couple of hours, so Kelly and I headed to Chipotle for lunch while we waited for her. Chipotle = Heaven.

Even Spanky couldn’t hang with the heat today, he ended up laying down under my neighbors tree when we were only half way done with his afternoon walk, and would not move. I had to carry his little old booty home. Stubborn man.

The Picking

We were excited to find out that we had to ride a tractor to get to the fields. But, then we realized that tractor rides = bumpy and uncomfortable. Good thing none of us had to use the bathroom.

I often look like I am of Asian desent… I’m not.

We were blueberry pickin’ pros and left with a whole lot of berries. It was the perfect Outdoorsy day.

What was the most fun outdoors thing you did this weekend?






Great Falls

Yesterday I did something I love to do, that I don’t do nearly enough; hiking.

I’ve been talking about how I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, but the previous times I wanted to go the weather just didn’t allow it. Now I can finally cross it off my Summer To Do list. Although I still want to go more!

I woke up at 8 am ate a quick Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie, and met my friend Paige at her house. We left around 9:15 and headed out for Great Falls!

Great Falls is an awesome park about 40 minutes away from where I live, it has beautiful natural waterfalls that are part of the Potomac River.

It was supposed to be sunny day, but it was cloudy like the above picture the entire time we were hiking. It wasn’t too bad though, because that meant it wasn’t unbearably hot. It was the perfect temperature for hiking.

There are 3 different look outs to see the Falls, and they are all amazing.

There are so many different trails to choose from, and we were a little overwhelmed at first when we had to decide which one to take. So, we went in the visitors center and the woman advised us to take the River trail because it follows right along the Potomac River and there are tons of beautiful rocky look out spots.


Our day adventure at Great Falls included:

  • Missing our exit and ending up having to pay a toll at Dulles airport
  • Seeing a baby deer and momma deer
  • Playing in some pot holes
  • Watching someone nearly drown!
  • And seeing tons of beautiful views from the rocks 🙂

Let me explain in detail…

We couldn’t get over in time for our exit and ended up getting stuck on the Dulles airport exit where we were forced to pay 1.75$ at a toll, good thing Paige had quarters in her car. The guy at the toll was making fun of us pretty hard… luckily we were laughing at ourselves as well.

Later, when we were hiking on the River Trail, we saw an adorable baby deer with a Momma deer right off the path.

Also right off the path were some natural pot holes which clearly resulted in Paige and I taking a photo shoot inside them.

And, the most crazy thing we saw was when we went off the hiking path to climb some rocks to get another view of the falls. From up there, we watched 3 groups of boats (filled with kids) white water rafting. When all of the sudden this little kid flopped out of the boat! Thank goodness he was wearing a life jacket because he fell off right in an area with a super strong current, the boat he fell off of couldn’t even turn around to get him. Luckily there were other boats behind the boat he was on, so they picked him up. But I’m pretty sure I had a heart attack watching this. Thank God he was ok!

After about an hour of hiking and climbing I was hungry so I ate my favorite kind of Clif Bar; Macadamia Nut! They are seriously so good, they taste just like cookies.

I love love loved Great Falls, and wish we could have stayed longer to hike more of the paths. Paige had to work at 3 so we were only there for a couple of hours. I am already planning my next trip there :).

When I got home from Great Falls my baby cousin Josh came over for a couple hours, he just got his very first hair cut! isn’t he the cutest? He also just started talking last week and he was trying to say everything. He clearly didn’t want to be in my photos.

Spanky also greeted me when I got home, he was fresh out of surgery from getting his teeth cleaned, and he was still a little woozy. He kept either; falling asleep standing up, or in this lovely position.

Have a great Thursday and stay strong its almost the weekend!